Novel Merk Poppy & Leaves Refrigerator Magnets, Small Circle Flower & Pedals Design for Fridge, Gifts, Decor, Party Favors

  • $10.99

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  • BLOOMING FLOWERS of red, with green shoot backgrounds for any refrigerator, locker or filing cabinet. These decorative magnets add to any floral decor, ideal for small gifts, prizes or party favors in party bags as take home gifts.
  • POPPY PEDAL CHARM magnets are sturdy and resilient made in America. Strong magnetic backings ensure adherence to refrigerators, lockers and metal surfaces. Adding flair to any birthday, table setting, or prizes at a memorial day party.
  • 3” VINYL FRIDGE MAGNETS cute elements in your Flower party decor. This set includes 10 of each blooming red Poppy design for 10 magnets total. Reapply as many times as you like and enjoy reactions to these novelty gifts. Fun prizes for a church fair carnival game.
  • 10 PARTY FAVOR MAGNETS durable & made in the U.S.A., expands your decorating potential. Arrange all 10 on your fridge as Veteran Remembrance decor; or use them throughout your home in the living room, bedroom, office, & kitchen.
  • SHARE A LITTLE FLOWER with your mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, or coworker. Novel Merk Refrigerator and Locker Magnets are perfect seasonal gifts, favors, & tokens for any occasion.

An instant pick me up

Perfect for any veteran memorial themed home party decor, Novel Merk Refrigerator Magnets take your flower bouquet decorations to the next level. These 3 inch round magnets adhere to most any metal surface, transforming your dishwasher or stand mixer into cheery kitchen accessories. With their rich colors and background, they are the perfect day brighteners for your home, office or even your school locker.

Enduring Blooms for any room

Novel Merk Poppy Flower Fridge Party Favor Magnets will revitalize your home all year long. With 10 colorful magnets per pack, there are plenty to accommodate your decor for kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Start every day on a beaming, happy note as you open the refrigerator for bacon, reach into your school locker for your algebra book or begin pulling files for that big year end report. No matter what the weather is like outdoors, our magnets spread mother’s day spring cheer throughout the room. Perfect Spring Magnets for April, May, and June.

Durable and versatile

Made of thick mil magnetic sheet, Novel Merk Decorative Magnets are tear resistant flexible. They will adhere to refrigerator doors, metal entry doors, metal cabinets, toaster ovens, stoves, range hoods and more. When re decorating, you need only lift the magnets off of their surfaces and re position them as you see fit. Because there are no glues or adhesives involved, our magnets can be used an infinite number of times to immerse your home decor in their beauty.

Bring some Flower joy to your kitchen or work cubicle. Add Novel Merk Flower Magnets to your party decor today.

This product is not a toy, not intended for use for ages 12 & under.

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