Novel Merk Tennis Ball Circle Decorations Small Refrigerator Magnet Set Miniature Design (12 Pieces)

  • $11.99

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UPC: 810043570350
Amazon ASIN: B089DMNL3H
This product is not a toy, not intended for use for ages 12 & under.
  • 12-PIECE TENNIS MAGNETS measure roughly 3 inches by 3 inches with thick mil of magnet construction. These make ideal giveaways, carnival prizes or party favors in bags as adult party stuffers.
  • REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS these magnets add flair to any table setting as decorations or refrigerator as a centerpiece for grand slam parties. They are perfect for games at get togethers. A must have gift.
  • TENNIS BALL This set includes the tennis ball design. Anyone will enjoy reactions to these novelty gifts. The magnets add FREE fun everyday allowing them to be put into boring places & are great prizes for any fair.
  • MADE WITH PRIDE right here in the U.S.A. These magnets hold firmly to any metal surface and peel off without causing damage. These thick mil magnets mean have durable magnetic backings making them ideal for indoor use on metal and mailboxes. Not intended for outdoor use or car use but can be if desired.
  • SHARE A TENNIS BALL with your mother, father or coworker. Novel Merk Refrigerator and Locker Magnets are perfect gifts for any occasion. Their colorful sheen provide year-round cheer.

No one should leave a party empty-handed

Every celebration is made even more special by those who share it with us. Show guests your appreciation by sending them home with these tennis magnets. This 12-piece consists of the tennis design. Each magnet measures 3 inches by 3 inches. Novel Merk Magnets are recommended for ages 12 years and up.

These novelty gifts add FREE fun to any party

These Tennis Ball Magnets are very purposeful gifts. They make boring rooms easier to stomach with decoration or in backpacks. They can be easily associated with a specific family member when put on a refrigerator. They are economical novelty prizes for carnivals and grab bag gifts, as well as promotional items for businesses setting up at farmers’ markets and community bazaars.

Durable & Versatile

Made of thick mil magnets, Novel Merk Decorative Magnets are tear-resistant yet flexible. They adhere to refrigerator doors, metal doors, metal cabinets, toaster ovens, stoves, range hoods, and more. When re-decorating all you need to do is lift off the magnets and put wherever you see fit. There are no glues or adhesives involved, our magnets can be used an infinite number of times to immerse your home décor in their beauty. 

Let all of your party guests and contestants know that they are winners. Add Novel Merk 12-Piece Tennis Magnets to your cart today.

This product is not a toy, not intended for use for ages 12 & under.

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